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EZ-Vent-N-Closure | Two-In-One Vent & Closure for Metal Roofing
The Only Guaranteed Water-Tight
Two-In-One Vent & Closure
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Features of the EZ Vent-N-Closure

Easy Installation

Easy installation for continuous metal roof ridge ventilation.

Flawless Results from 110 mph Wind Test

Passed the 110mph Wind Driven Rain Test with flawless results.

Built-In Closure

26 Gauge Galvalume Construction with built-in closure (closure can’t fall out- NO CALLBACKS).

Efficient Packaging

Boxed for Minimum Warehouse Footprint and Labeled for Panel Profile Thickness

Multiple Profiles

Manufactured in Vented and Non-Vented Profiles (Can be Used as a Non-Vented Ridge Closure System and at Head Wall and Roof Pitch Transitions)

Cost-Effective and Quality

Eliminates the Costly Closures at Hip Conditions and Leaves a Clean Roof Line (Installs Under a Sculptured Ridge Roll)

EZ-Vent-N-Closure | Two-In-One Vent & Closure for Metal Roofing

Sizes available for all applications

Our water tight metal roof ridge vent is made with a built in foam closure. Its perfect for standing seam, r-panel, ag-panel and corrugated panels. We also produce customized profile sizes to fit most other roof panels. Other ridge ventilation closure systems require many more components in order to compete with EZ Vents 100% water tight metal roof ventilation system.

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EZ-Vent-N-Closure | Two-In-One Vent & Closure for Metal Roofing

Ventilate Efficiently with EZ Vent-N-Closure

Eliminate Foam Closure Failure for Metal Roof Ridge Vents

Custom Metal Components Inc. has created an innovative product designed to totally eliminate foam closure failure while ventilating the ridge at the same time. Our product is called EZ Vent-N-Closure. This patented design consists of a low profile, continuous vent that is completely concealed by the metal ridge cap that goes on every metal roof.

Your Success is Our Success

EZ Vent-N-Closure is the solution for installation problems encountered by metal roof installers.

With the ever-increasing usage of metal on various types of roofs (residential, commercial, and industrial), it is important to take ventilation into consideration at all times. Our higher quality, innovative products do what they’re designed to do – provide outstanding roofing solutions for homes and businesses throughout the country.

Learn How to Install EZ Vent-N-Closure

Our step-by-step process and downloadable content will help you with the EZ Vent-N-Closure installation process.

EZ-Vent-N-Closure | Two-In-One Vent & Closure for Metal Roofing

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Oct. 18-20 2017–Las Vegas, NV


Feb 4-8 2018-New Orleans, LA


June 27-29 2018–Kissimmee, FL


June 21-23 2018–New York City


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Use EZ Vent-N-Closure on Your Roofing Project

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