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Metal Roof Ridge Cap

Benefits of Using a High Profile Metal Ridge Cap

Metal roof ridge caps are made in the identical metal, gauge, tensile strength and color as the roofing panels.

Metal Roof Ridge Caps Lock Out Drafts, Rain, and Pests

Ridge caps are the most important step in enclosing a metal roofing structure. Running on top  of the roof or ridge, metal roof ridge caps join the two adjoining metal roof panels on either side of the roof joint and conceal continuous ridge vent systems. Inferior metal ridge caps— or poorly installed ridge caps create a poor weather seal over the roof and complications for the home or business owner.

The Cons of Flat Ridge Caps

A common ridge cap used by some metal contractors is the flat ridge cap. Metal roofing panels are ribbed, not flat. therefore, flat metal roof ridge caps may not seal tightly.

Air flow underneath the flat metal ridge cap draws drafts into the structure and wind-blown rain pushes below the flat ridge cap. Rain will leak into the structure, dripping on insulation and the contents of the building.

Mice, rats, birds, and bugs are able to travel under flat ridge caps and the roof panels.

A few company’s offer inefficient and ineffective foam strips to fill the gaps among flat metal roof ridge caps and corrugated roof panels. In a short time these foam closures dry and fall out because climate conditions deteriorate low quality closures quickly. Mice chew holes inside the foam. Birds takes chunks of closure strips to build their nests.

Benefits of Using a Hat or High Profile Metal Ridge caps?

This type of ridge cap eliminates all the issues that a flat ridge cap presents and allows more efficient airflow through the ridge vent.

Metal roof ridge caps are made in the identical metal, gauge, tensile strength and color as the roofing panels. Produced by the same system that creates the shape of the roofing panels, these ridge caps are then formed to shape the contour of the metal product.

Ridge caps fit tightly with metal roofing panels, attaching metal-to-metal with self-tapping screws. Applying high-quality tape sealant provides a water resistant barrier among the ridge cap and the metal panels. The end result is an appealing metal structure with a tightly sealed metal roof and a structure with years of problem-free service.

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