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Downloadable data sheets, view FAQs, and learn about how EZ Vent-N-Closure compares with competitors.

How Does EZ Vent-N-Closure Compare to Other Ridge Cap Vents?


EZ Vent-N-Closure wants you to make an informed choice when it comes to selecting the best ventilation system for your metal roofing projects. Please review the chart below for important comparisons with other metal roof ridge vent solutions.

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What is EZ Vent-N-Closure?

EZ Vent-N-Closure is a continuous ventilation/closure system designed for most metal roofing profiles.

Why is EZ Vent-N-Closure different?

EZ Vent-N-Closure is constructed from 26 gauge Galvalume. It is a roll-formed product. The foam closure is not exposed to UV rays, which is the leading cause of closure failure (and call backs to the contractor).

What profiles are available?

Currently we manufacture profiles from 3/4″  7/8″  1″  1 1/4″  1 1/2″  1 3/4″  and 2″.

What lengths are available?

EZ Vent-N-Closure is available in 5 foot lengths only. We decided on 5ft. because it makes it easier for the contractor to handle and a box can be shipped via FedEX, UPS or the mail service.

Speaking of packaging, how does EZ Vent-N-Closure come?

Each box contains 10 pieces of EZ Vent-N-Closure in 5 foot lengths.

Are install instructions available?

Yes. We print the instructions right on the box. They are also available on our website as a download. The option of watching an installation video is also available on our website.

Do encapsulates the end of the panel at the ridge work with EZ Vent-N-Closure?

Absolutely it will work. You are describing what is known as the “saw-toothing” of the panels, which means the panels are staggered (mostly a ridge condition) in order to keep the panels at the eave straight. There are several potential “causes” of this condition, but we will not address them here. The foam closure in the EZ Vent-N-Closure product is ½”.

If the saw-toothing is worse than ¼”, we recommend “popping” a chalk line, to make the panels realign, and use a power tool to make the correction. Keep in mind that in order to make a weather-tight seal, the panel needs to embed in the foam a minimum of 1/8”. EZ Vent-N-Closure does have a little “play” allowing you to push and pull the vent section to conform to slightly “out-of-square” ridge conditions.

Can I use my standard ridge roll/ridge cap with EZ Vent-N-Closure?

Depends on what your “standard” ridge cap is. If you use die-formed ridge caps, the answer is no. A sculptured ridge roll is what is recommended. A flat ridge roll would cover up the bottom runs of the louvers and decrease air flow.

How do I determine the correct dimensions for a standard ridge roll/ridge cap?

All that is needed to determine the correct dimensions are the following bits of information: The height of the panel profile, the roof pitch, the dimension, at the ridge, between the ends of the metal panels. It is recommended that no more than 3” are between the panels at the peak of the roof. Let us know that information and we can assist you.

Can the place where I buy my metal from help me determine the proper ridge cap size?

Probably so. We are working on a simple program that will calculate the size of the ridge cap based on the information required (see above). We are also working on including a chart in each box of EZ Vent-N-Closure with this information. It will also be available on our website.

How does EZ Vent-N-Closure attach to metal roofing?

Standard metal roofing lap (stitch) fasteners are all that are required. See installation instructions for placement and install notes for specific sizes.

Is wind-driven rain results still a weather-tight seal?

EZ Vent-N-Closure has been tested in accordance with TAS-100A (wind-driven rain test), which is the same test that is required by building codes for coastal regions. EZ Vent-NClosure was tested with 110mph wind-driven rain. The results were flawless.

To make the test even more difficult to pass, we tested EZ Vent-N-Closure with a ¼”:12 roof slope and made certain that we included a “joint” condition where two pieces of EZ Vent-N-Closure came together. No other vented closure that we know of can make this claim. We have the testing results to prove our claim.

Where else can I use EZ Vent-N-Closure?

EZ Vent-N-Closure is also great for use at roof hip conditions. We also make a non-vented version. This can be used at roof-to-wall transitions, roof pitch changes or use as a nonvented ridge closure.

Do you sell EZ Vent-N-Closure directly to the public?

We do not sell directly to the public. We have fantastic distribution partners that distribute EZ Vent-N-Closure. They will either sell to you or direct you to a retail outlet near you. Our website has our distributors contact information.



Material Safety Data Sheets contain information on ingredients, potential hazards, first-aid and fire fighting measures, safety measures and other information required by OSHA. The Product Data Sheet provides product descriptions, recommended uses, application instructions, benefits and technical data.

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