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When it comes to roofing products and services, EZ Vent-N-Closure is the name you can trust. We have been in construction and roofing for over 35 years and saw the need for a better product at a reasonable price.


35 Years of Construction and Roofing Experience

Welcome to EZ Vent-N-Closure – Innovative roofing solutions designed for today’s modern structures. Located at 10617 S US Hwy 377 Dublin, TX. 76446, United States, EZ Vent-N-Closure was established to provide outstanding roofing solutions that exceed current roofing standards.

When it comes to roofing products and services, EZ Vent-N-Closure is the name you can trust. We have been in construction and roofing for over 35 years and saw the need for a better product at a reasonable price. Every roof has to be ventilated. A constant problem with metal roofing is that at the ridge of a roof, the cheap foam rubber closures that are used to seal the ridge cap to the metal panel always fall out over time. It is costly and an aggravation to repair. Responding to this challenge, we developed a waterproof continuous metal roof vent for metal roofing.


We provide dependable roof ventilation
with EZ Vent-N-Closure

Dedicated to developing and manufacturing creatively designed products that help roof structures withstand the test of time and the elements, we have come up with our innovative, patented design called EZ Vent-N-Closure. EZ Vent-N-Closure is a low profile continuous vent that is completely concealed by the metal ridge cap that goes on every metal roof.

Our patented design goes over the end of the metal panel and then fits under the ridge cap. Because our “EZ Vent-N-Closure”, as we call it, encloses the end of the metal panel, the foam closure simply cannot fall out or deteriorate from the sun’s rays, providing dependable roof ventilation for years.

Features of the EZ Vent-N-Closure

Multiple Roofing Applications

Whether for industrial or residential applications, metal roofing has become more and more the standard in the building industry.


Save time and money by making sure that your roof stays intact and properly ventilated for as long as possible. EZ Vent-N-Closure passed the 110mph Wind Driven Rain Test with flawless results.


If you’re a roofing contractor, a homeowner, or a business owner who wants to make sure that you build or have the best ventilated roof over your head, EZ Vent-N-Closure is the answer.

Cost Effective

Eliminates the costly closures at hip conditions. Other ventilation and closure systems are costly and must be replaced when the foam closures fail. EZ Vent-N-Closure removes that problem and costs significantly less to install.

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