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Metal Roof Ridge Vent

What does a Metal Roof Ridge Vent do for my roof?

Ventilating your attic is crucial to both reduce heat build up in summer and reduce dampness and prevent ice dams from forming in winter.

An excellent choice for attic air flow is a metal roof ridge vent system. This system is installed horizontally along the top of the ridge of the roof and creates a continuous air exhaust or flow. Metal roof ridge vents assure total ventilation through the attic area without using costly energy. However, installed improperly a metal roof ridge vent system is inefficient and can cause issues.

Why metal roof ridge vents?

  • Are energy-saving and reduce costly electric bills via developing natural airflow.
  • For this reason, they decrease your HVAC needs with the aid of removing warm air trapped above the living space of a building.
  • Not to mention, Prevent moisture and condensation from accumulating within the attic and causing damage to insulation and other sub-structure from mold, mildew, and rot.
  • Uniquely, circulate temperature evenly throughout the attic space.
  • Help protect interior and outdoor paintwork from damage.
  • Since, they run alongside the top of the building, they exhaust the hottest air from the hottest areas with in the sub-structure.

Avoid Issues with Metal Roof Ridge Vents
First thing to remember, metal roof ridge vents are only adequate if set up correctly. Here are recommendations on preventing metal roof ridge vent issues:

  • It’s possible that wind, rain, and snow can penetrate into the building through the space beneath a ridge vent. However, to prevent this common problem, set up a roof ridge vent with integrated foam closures to fend off exterior air.(note the foam closure will dry from weather, fall out and will have to be replaced).
  • Consequently, insufficient ventilation can lead to loss of airflow thru the vent. A metal roof ridge vent for outgoing air is only effective and efficient if the soffit vents or different openings for incoming air are of the same or greater airflow size as the metal ridge vents themselves. Also, keep soffit vents clear of insulation, dirt, and particles for optimum efficiency.

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