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Metal Roof Ridge Cap

Why is Proper Metal Roof Ventilation Important?

Proper air flow helps optimize the overall performance and efficiency of metal building construction by:

Controlling Condensation
Condensation can cause damage to metal with corrosion, mold, mildew and decreased thermal performance of insulation. As an example, in hot and humid areas, outdoor air that enters a structure without flowing through a ventilation system can bring with it significant levels of humidity which does not get evacuated out of the structure.

Generally speaking, this causes humid air to stay inside the building, creating uncomfortable environments, accelerating panel weathering and increasing the possibility of mildew growth. In effect, this problem is worsened when the outdoor temperature falls below the inside temperature, creating the favorable conditions for condensation development and moisture buildup.

Regulating Temperature
Regulating and keeping ideal indoor temperature will assist in cooling the building in hotter months, allowing for comfort and an environmentally friendly building. Temperature regulation additionally protects the integrity of the fasteners that keep the metal panels from pulling away or detaching.

Keeping Good Quality Air in the Structure
Correct metal roof ventilation significantly decreases hostile natural air compounds and pollutants which are destructive to human health. In brief, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has posted indoor air quality guidelines and requirements for commercial/institutional buildings. These standards support ventilation needs that should be met to meet certain standards.

Ventilation. Do You Need It?
As anticipated, most systems require adequate ventilation in accordance with their geographic region, contents and/or building use. Housing structure chemical substances or moist materials require more ventilation than storing dry items. Especially in arid environments. Ventilating a structure that stores ceramic in a desert is vastly different than ventilating an indoor sauna in nearly any geographic region.

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